Make your garden hedgehog friendly

To help you to attract hedgehogs into your garden, we’ve put together a number of tips and ideas.


Make sure they have access as hedgehogs roam quite far at night

Leave areas of your garden wild so that they can move around in safety

Build hedgehog homes and feeding stations…why not try and knock one together yourself? ย Images below of some awesome homemade hedgehog homes & feeding stations!

Provide hedgehogs with food and water

Avoid using slug pellets and other chemicals

Make ponds safe so that they can’t fall in

Check long grass before mowing…hedgehogs are quite small and many get fatally injured by lawn mowers

Hedgehog Homes & Feeding Stations

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ย Wondering what to feed your hedgehog visitors?
Here are the RSPCA recommended ideas!

Food and fresh water will encourage hedgehogs to return. Leave out foods like minced meat, tinned dog or cat food (not fish-based), crushed cat biscuits, or chopped boiled eggs. Specialist hedgehog food can also be bought from wild bird food suppliers.
Never feed hedgehogs milk as it can cause diarrhoea; instead provide plain, fresh water in a shallow bowl


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