The Beginning: Grannie Smith

I always give full credit of my animal madness to my Grannie.  She always encouraged the animal loving weirdo that I was, and remain, to this day.  We could spend hours talking about different types of animal, she would teach me different breeds of animals and always made sure to tell me the funny thing her dog had done that day, which animals had visited her garden and always made sure there were tasty snacks left for the garden visitors!

She also bought me my first ever rabbit who I aptly named Black Rabbit (not creative but accurate!) She recorded Ace Ventura Pet Detective off the telly onto a VHS so I could watch it over and over again as he was my animal hero!  She would sit for hours with me marvelling at the latest David Attenborough!

I will never forget when she came to visit us while we were living abroad in Africa.  We went on safari and EVERY time we saw an animal she would just watch it and go ‘That is just lovely!’

I owe my Grannie a lot for encouraging a passion that we will share forever.




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