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I cannot thank those of you who have continued to support me with Pawsitivity Team.  You may have noticed we went pretty quiet for a while (apart from the continual source of adorable on Instagram).

I thought maybe it was about time I explained.

So, what happened?

Pawsitivity Team, a rescue for animals with the idea that these animals could go into the community to educate and promote responsible pet ownership AND offer therapeutic support to socially isolated people until they got a forever home of their own.  The concept was simple.

Inspired by the relationship my grandmother had with her dog during her battle with dementia and how that little dog made such a difference to her life.

However, it turned into a hard few years very quickly.

A year or two in and it resulted in me being a dumping ground for peoples unwanted pets and it was costing me time, money, energy and heartbreak.  I had animals left on my doorstep, people asking me to board animals and then never coming to collect them and those animals too sick to rehome, who I cared for until they crossed over rainbow bridge.

Then, my Grandmother, the person who inspired this whole project, passed away.  I fell apart.

Believing she would have loved the project, I pulled myself together and got out into the community that week to run our regular community drop in – but I was hurting

A few short weeks later and 2 of my longest residents, Igor & Mabel passed away. It just took all the wind out of my, already tattered, sails and I decided I couldn’t do it anymore.  

I still had a few animals with me that were too sick and/or damaged to be rehomed so I just focused on them and loved them until the end.  I didn’t take on any more rescues.  I focused on being a good dog mum, finishing my degree and after I graduated I got an amazing job working with people in recovery from addiction.  I kind of left the Pawsitivity Team behind.  I needed a break.

Then, nearly a year later, I saw this video and I burst into tears.

I grew up seeing elephants roaming free and this sad little elephant called Betty made my heart hurt so much that I couldn’t breathe.  My mind started racing – what could I do to help her? How could I help her? What skills do I have to help her and all the other animals that need help?  When will people learn?

Then it hit me.  Break time was over.

It has been 2 years since I lost my grandmother,who inspired this whole project.  For her and for the animals that she loved as much as I do.

Pawsitivity Team is back.


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