About Us

My name is Dani, the human member of the Pawsitivity Team.

(I believe the animals know me as the food lady)

I have loved animals from…well forever.  I have always enjoyed their company and to be honest animals have gotten me through some hard times in life.  Their ability to put a smile on a face is not to be underestimated.

I am a huge believer in the benefits animals can bring to humans but also the benefits humans can bring to animals and I have always worked hard to contribute to both.  You will often find me with a rescue animal to look after, in fact I can’t remember a time I didn’t have something to medicate/hand-feed or worry about!

I discovered that my obsession with the human-animal relationship started young as my mum and I ran ‘Young Farmers Club’ a small holding with all kinds of animals on it, attached to the school my mum worked in.  Kids could come in and interact with the animals to enhance happiness, learning and social skills.  I was hooked and I practically lived at the farm.

I then worked in the equine industry as a pony trainer and instructor. I got a young boy come to learn to ride who was autistic and the effect the horses had on him blew me away.  My boss mentioned to me I should consider working with the RDA as he saw how well I worked with the boy.  He got me training and work experience with the RDA and any other clients we got who had health or learning restrictions were sent my way.

When I was in my twenties my grandmother, who always supported my animal adventures and was passionate about animals too, got dementia and her dog was an amazing support for her during that time.  When she moved into a home and I saw the effect the dog (who they were kind enough to let move in with her!) had on everyone else too I became determined to find a way to offer it to more people and with a bit of research discovered it was an actual thing and Pawsitivity Team was born.

I use a variety of animals and all of our sessions are carefully tailored to achieve goals.  I am qualified and insured in animal assisted work and I can assure you doing this, seeing the faces of the people I work with and living with my amazing team, is a dream come true.